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Chapter Director - Georgia

Hello, I am Eddie, a lifetime resident of Hall County Georgia. I have been employed with Hall County Public Works for over 10 years.

I had the honor of being reacquainted with Amy, Founder and President of Packages for Warriors – Hearts of America, Inc. Amy and I attended the same high school in Georgia together and are graduates of the class 1989. We had spoke to each other via Face book and during our conversation she told me about her non-profit organization, Packages for Warriors – Hearts of America, Inc. (HOA). After talking with her, lengths at a time, I decided to look into HOA for myself and there I found a program that has truly changed many lives abroad the world through donations from all across America.

After several more conversations, I was sold on the purpose and decided to give my support to Packages for Warriors – Hearts of America, Inc.. Now, I will tell you one thing about myself and that is I am not one to just jump onto any wagon that comes along. In order for me to support something, it has to be solid from the ground up and as I continued to look, I was overwhelmed as I began reading letters from our military men and women serving our country that was addressed to Amy. One of the most appealing things also was the fact that every penny of every dollar that is donated goes directly back into supporting our military. Absolutely nobody (currently) on the Board of Trustees earns any sort of compensation. Nonetheless, each Board member works a full time job and still finds time to support the mission of Packages for Warriors – Hearts of America, Inc. in supporting our troops. This is something that you just do not see often.

When Amy came home for our 20 year class reunion, we spoke at great length about me assisting her in starting a chapter in Georgia. Today, I am proud to say I am part of Packages for Warriors – Hearts of America, Inc. who will be serving as the Director for the Chapter of Georgia. It is with great honor to do my part, for our military gives 100% each day with some giving the ultimate sacrifice of laying down their lives for us. I sincerely believe in the efforts of Packages for Warriors – Hearts of America, Inc.and encourage others as well to look into this organization and get involved.

Thank you for supporting Packages for Warriors – Hearts of America, Inc.!


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