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Hello, my name is Amy I’m a resident of Kansas. I would like to start off by sharing a little information about myself for I’m no different than most. I am neither a public speaker, nor someone who gets paid for promoting a cause. I’m a native of Georgia. Most of my childhood years were near the North Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains and steps from the beautiful Sydney Lake Lanier. At the sprawling age of 17, I moved with family to Kansas where I reside today.

Some people donate monetary amounts in memory or honor a loved one or friend. Others show their appreciation and support by attending our annual events. I chose to name the non profit organization, “Packages for Warriors – Hearts of America, Inc.,” for people continuously give from their heart. I’ve witnessed it numerous times that people want to help and they often times just don’t know how to go about doing it. And that’s what’s so unique with Hearts of America, Inc.! We are an outlet for people who are interested in getting involved in a program without being pressured into doing so. Presently, there are no membership dues. It is simply a good way of helping others!

Not only does Packages for Warriors – Hearts of America, Inc. offer care packages containing sundries and hygiene items we also try to grant requests (within means). In additions to offering scheduled FREE shipping services in respective states (KS and GA) that Hearts of America, Inc. has Chapter Directors. Another service we offer within the states we have Packages for Warriors – Hearts of America, Inc. Chapters in is picking up the tab of shipping costs of collection efforts gathered by other organizations, groups, etc. (based on availability of funds and items being sent).

The Board of Trustees and volunteers of Packages for Warriors – Hearts of America, Inc. and I personally encourage you to preview the additional links to learn first hand how your participation can benefit our troops around the globe. Thank you!


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